Ursa Major And Minor Star Constellation Enamel Pin

Soft enamel pin featuring the two bear constellations, Ursa Major and Minor (big and little dipper). With glow in the dark stars to aid star spottin!

The great she bear and the little she bear. These bears are two of the 88 known constellations in the night sky. We have illustrated a collection of the animal star constellations to create this enamel pin set.

These colourful illustrations of the animals are extra special at night... when the lights are off, the stars in the constellation glow in the dark, just as they do in the night sky. This pin is part of our collection of animal star constellations, which includes Ursa Major and Manor (Great and Little Bear), Cygnet (Swan), Lepus (Hare), Cetus (Whale), Vulpecula (Fox), Camelopardalis (Giraffe), and Volans (Flying Fish).

Each enamel pin comes on a beautifully illustrated dark blue backing card, which folds out like a little book. The outside shows a drawing of the animal and inside you see the constellation along with coordinate for one of the brightest stars in that constellation.

MADE FROM: Enamel pin: Metal pin design infilled with soft enamel. The back of the pin is silver and has a two light grey rubber fasteners. Backing card: Smooth 400gsm folded card.

DIMENSIONS: Each animal star constellation enamel pin is 40mm at the widest point. The backing card is 85mm x 55mm when folded.

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