Tsundoku Metal Bookmark

Inspired by the Japanese definition of 'Tsundoku' this bookmark is a treat for any reader and is a wonderful gift for any lover of reading and book collecting. 

The aluminium bookmark has a wonderfully shiny finish in silver and purple. We print over this metal with a deep purple that interacts with the metal colour, so on the silver bookmark, you get a gorgeous deep purple colour with silver line work showing through. It's then finished with a lovely hot pink silk tassel.

Definition: Tsundoku - The Japanese term for collecting books and letting them pile up without ever reading them, but finding comfort in the mere presence of readily available reading material.

The bookmark has a sticker on the back so that you can see the definition description whenever you wish and is beautifully packaged in a silky cardboard backing.

Dimensions: H15cm x W4.5cm x D1mm

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