Shinrin Yoku Metal Bookmark

Inspired by the Japanese tradition of forest bathing, which they call Shinrin Yoku, this unique beautiful aluminium bookmark is perfect for lovers of nature and reading. 

Definition: Shinrin Yoku - The Japanese practice of 'forest bathing'. Based on the idea that spending time in a forest atmosphere can have a therapeutic effect on physical and mental health.

The aluminium bookmark has a wonderfully shiny finish in copper. We print over this metal with a light green that interacts with the metal colour, so on the copper bookmark, you get a gorgeous deep green colour. It's then finished with a lovely forest green silk tassel.

The bookmark has a sticker on the back so that you can see the definition description whenever you wish and is beautifully packaged in a silky cardboard backing.

Dimensions: H15cm x W4.5cm x D1mm

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