Periodic Table Wooden Coasters Set

Natural birch wood coasters with chemistry periodic table of elements theme. Great christmas gift for guys that are difficult to buy for, particularly the geeky kind.

These natural wood coasters come in sets to spell out words using the periodic table of elements. They are definitely a different and unique way to hold your tea.

These would make a great christmas gift for a Dad who would have fun making the joke that he has coasters made of real gold and platinum (Au and Pt).

The 'LaDy' coasters would be sure to make Mum smile as a birthday present if she is always plying you with more cups of tea.

The full choice of coaster sets includes: LaDy, OK, OMg, and Au-Pt.

PACKAGING: Each set comes in a cleave sleeve with a spotty or striped backing board. 

MADE FROM: These coasters are laser cut from natural birch and each have a lovely woody smell. They are provided untreated with the raw wood finish so we leave it to you to decide if you would like to stain or varnish them in your chosen colour/finish.

DIMENSIONS: Each coaster is 9.5cm square and 0.5cm thick.

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