Kodama Metal Bookmark

Inspired by the Japanese term 'Kodama', this beautiful bookmark is illustrated with trees and the spirits who dwell in them. This metal bookmark is such a lovely way to mark your reading spot and would make a lovely and unique gift for any lover of reading. 

Definition: Kodama - Tree spirits in Japanese folklore. Delayed echo sounds in valleys and mountains (yamabiko) are attributed to these spirits and they are thought to have mysterious supernatural powers.

The aluminium bookmark has a wonderfully shiny finish in silver, purple navy blue. We print over this metal with a dark blue that interacts with the metal colour, so on the silver bookmark you get a gorgeous deep purple and navy blue colour. It's then finished with a lovely dark blue silk tassel.

The bookmark has a sticker on the back so that you can see the definition description whenever you wish and is beautifully packaged in a silky cardboard backing.

Dimensions: H15cm x W4.5cm x D1mm

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