Hunk Scientific Birthday or Valentines Card

This card depicts the elements of a 'hunk' using chemical symbols from the periodic table of elements. Underneath these chemical symbols, there is a short 'scientific' description of a typical hunk. This description is composed of actual descriptive features of the elements used in the making of the word. The hunk card is slightly less than flattering as it gives the impression that while he might be pretty, he's also a little bit dopey.So, a hunk is described as being the simplest of all elements, burns out at a wide range of concentrations (properties of Hydrogen, H), denser than lead (Uranium), mostly inert (Nitrogen), and works very hard in the thinking process (Potassium).Makes for a unique and funny anniversary or valentines card with a scientific twist.We have lots of humourous periodic element cards for you to choose from - see other items in the Newton and the Apple shop for more choices.Made from: Each card is made using a premium matt 300 GSM white greeting card with a brown kraft envelope. The inside of the card is left blank for you to write your own message. Your card will be protected in sealed plastic and sent in a board envelope for safe delivery..Dimensions of the folded card are 10.5 x 15 cm (Size A5 folded to A6).

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