Gemstone Point Natural Silk Necklace

Gorgeous mineral gemstone points on soft natural silk cords. Choose from blue sandstone, rose quartz, milky opalite or variegated agate in purple, orange or blue.

These natural gemstone necklaces would make a wonderful gift for someone that loves crystals and minerals. The stones sit on a long silk cord, which can be adjusted to your required length. They feel wonderfully smooth in your hands and look elegantly striking, especially in the brighter colours. Each necklace cord is finished on the ends with spheres of blue sandstone.

Unique stones: due to the nature of these points the colours and patterns do vary, so every pendant is unique in appearance. We have shown how the different points can vary in the second product photo. You choose the type of stone you would like and then send a random stone from that selection. The photos show examples only; we no longer have those exact stones so please do not request a particular stone from the photos.

Clasp options: these long silk cords are fastened by simply tying them in a knot or bow at your required length. This means you can change the length of your necklace to suit your outfit. We also offer a magnetic clasp option that allows you to open and close the necklace easily and you can still adjust the length by tying the magnetic pieces where you need them.

Packaging options: you can choose to have your necklace in an eco-cotton drawstring bag, or we can send it in a small navy blue gift box filled with purple crinkle paper and foil pressed with a shiny purple Newton and the Apple logo.

MADE FROM: Natural gemstones (variegated agate, blue sandstone, rose quartz, milky opalite) on 100% natural silk cord.

DIMENSIONS: The silk cord is 1m long so this can hang at 50cm if tied at the very end. The gemstones are 8x33mm long hexagonal shapes that come to a point.

In the photo: purple agate hangs on rich purple silk cord, orange agate on carnelian orange silk, blue agate on royal blue silk, blue sandstone on black silk, rose quartz on light pink silk, and opalite on soft grey silk.

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