Chalkboard Christmas Dinner Placemat Sheets

Gorgeous chalk board placemats to give your christmas dinner table a personal and rustic touch. You can decorate or write straight onto the paper.

This is a set of 10 chalky placemats. Have each person decorate their own sheet however they like, they can cover it in christmas things or just write down their dinner preferences, like 'No sprouts, lots of gravy'. Perfect for keeping the kids entertained while they wait for their food to be dished up.

These are disposable place mats so you just throw them away when dinner is done and that makes for one less thing to wash up.

Also make great place markers for a rustic wedding - Write down the name of your dinner guests so they know where to sit.

As an altrnative to placemats, these chalky sheets could also be used for other things like wall planners or even as wrapping paper for small gifts (the example wrapped gift in the photos is a standard-sized mug in a box).

MADE FROM: The black chalkboard placemat sheets are printed onto thick FSC certified papers with a smooth matt finish. Each pack contains 10 sheets. The chalk board sheets will be sent unfolded, either rolled in a poster tube or laid flat in a large board envelope.

DIMENSIONS: Each chalk board placemat is 42 * 29.7 cm (A3).

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