Caffeine Periodic Table Wooden Coasters Set

Chemical elements of caffeine wooden periodic table coaster set. Perfect science stocking filler geek gift for house proud men and coffee or tea lovers.

These natural wood coasters come in sets to spell out words using the periodic table of elements. This set of five coasters make up the word 'caffeine' to rest multiple cups of tea and coffee on.

Great stocking filler gift for science-loving Dads or back to school gift for science teachers that love coffee.

The full choice of coaster sets includes: LaDy, OK, OMg, Au-Pt, WINe, BOsS and CaFFeINe.

PACKAGING: Each set is packaged in a white box.

MADE FROM: These coasters are laser cut from natural birch and each have a lovely woody smell. They are provided untreated with the raw wood finish so we leave it to you to decide if you would like to stain or varnish them in your chosen colour/finish.

DIMENSIONS: Each coaster is 9.5cm square and 0.5cm thick. This set includes 5 wooden coasters.

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