Blue Lightning Watercolour Wrapping Paper Set

Minimal blue and white gift wrap set. Unique wrapping paper with tiny blue tone lightning bolts and interesting definition gift tags to match.

This white wrapping paper shows watercolour painted blue lightning bolts. The tags show a short caption of interesting information about lightning... Lightning is a natural high-voltage electrostatic discharge within a cloud or between clouds and the ground.

This idea started with raindrops and grew into a collection of three patterns to include these lightning bolts and some tiny blue mountains.

This gift wrap set can be bought in a range of pack sizes. The blue grosgrain ribbon shown in the photos is a styling suggestion and is not included with the giftwrap.

MADE FROM: This watercolour lightning bolts gift wrap and tag set is printed in the UK on FSC certified papers with a smooth matt finish. The giftwrap sheets are supplied folded in a cello sleeve unless you opt for the rolled paper option.

DIMENSIONS: Wrapping paper sheets: 70 x 50 cm. Large enough to wrap two small or one medium size gift. Gift Tags: 8.5 x 5.5 cm.

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