Our Story

Inquisitarium was founded on the belief that gifts can be interesting and that clever products can enhance the experience of learning to make it more memorable and encourage sharing. Our natural curiosity feeds the creative process and our favourite stage of product development is researching a new topic. We use a variety of methods in the making of our products, ranging from modern graphic design and print, to more traditional methods of artistry and printmaking.

We love to work with buyers for museums and galleries to stock their attached gift shops with wares that complement their historic or contemporary setting. It's great when we can build ongoing relationships with these clients to help them build a product range that adapts to their constantly changing exhibits. We thrive on this work because it puts our designs right in front of the curious people that love our stuff.

The name 'inquisitarium' aims to create a feeling of place for the sense of being inquisitive, curious and questioning about the universe, a place just like the museums and galleries that we visit. It also sounds like a terrarium, which fits wonderfully with our efforts to be green.

We are constantly learning about what it is to have an eco-friendly and sustainable business, and subsequently adapting our business processes and approach to product design to limit the environmental impact of our work. 

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