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We plunder the wonderful world of all things interesting to feed the wandering minds of the curious.


Creator of Interesting Things  ·  Reluctant Head Honcho

Gemma started NATA in 2012 with the Personalised Sound Wave print, which was inspired by her work in Auditory Neuroscience. The idea took off like a flying squirrel on Skittles so she soon left the pursuit of a career in Neuroscience to run a creative business instead. Loves hats, fancy dress, slippers, tea, cosying up with a fantasy book.


Maker  ·  Laser Lady  ·  Packing Superstar

Younger sister of our sibling duo. Kerry has super laser powers so she creates the engraved goodies, and also packs up all your orders for dispatch. She has a pet jackdaw and loves to read and draw.


Box Fort Builder  ·  Creator of Havoc

Okay, so this dude doesn't really work here, but he does come in during the school holidays sometimes, just to create utter mayhem. He is proud to be a bit of a geek and gives us a regular confidence boost with his excitement about NATA products (his teacher apparently needs one of everything).

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