Christmas Periodic Table Santa Card Packs

This unique and funny greeting card using elements from the periodic table is describes Santa with a scientific chemistry twist.

Chemical symbols from periodic table of elements have been used to create these periodic table Christmas greeting cards. This card has the word 'SANTa' depicted in chemical symbols from the periodic table. Underneath these symbols there is a short 'scientific' description of Santa.

This description is composed of actual descriptive features of the elements used in the making of the word above. So, he is described as being known since ancient times and commonly sounght after (a property of Sulphur [S]), considered to be fabricated [A], mostly inert but has commercial uses [N] and can be found in a flying vehicle [Ta].

We have more science-themed christmas greeting cards available in the Newton and the Apple shop, as well as various periodic element cards for you to choose from. Our range of christmas cards come as singles or in packs of three or five identical cards. 

MADE FROM: These designs are printed in the UK on premium matt 280 GSM luxury textured card. The inside of the greeting card is left blank for you to write your own message.

DIMENSIONS of the folded card are 10.5 x 15 cm.

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