DIGITAL PDF Personalised Your Voice Sound Wave Print

See colour chart in the product images
Leave this box blank if you do not want any text on the print
eg., If you have added extra recordings then enter the colour numbers for those here. If your sound is available on Youtube then you can enter a link here.
I acknowledge that I will need to approve a digital proof (sent via email) before the final high-resolution digital artwork is sent.
You can upload your sound here or share a youtube link in the box above. If you would like to email your recording then please send this to quoting your full name and order number for reference.

THIS IS THE DIGITAL PDF OPTION FOR A BESPOKE SOUND WAVE ART PIECE. With this digital option, we will produce the artworks using your sound recordings and colour options. You will receive the high-resolution digital artworks via return email. You can take these files to a local printers and have them printed on your chosen medium (e.g., wrapped canvas or archival prints for framing). This option is great if you live outside of the UK and need your artwork in a hurry.

See our other listings if you would prefer to have an archival print version posted to you.

SIZE: We can design these to your chosen dimensions, so let us know if you have a particular size in mind. If you do not request specific sizing then we will create it to our standard dimensions (A3: 29.7 * 42 cm).

We take your voice, in all its intricate detail, and turn it into a striking piece of art for your wall. Each individual's voice has its own signature due to the length and shape of the vocal chords, so each person will create a very different sound wave even when saying the same words. When printed as a high resolution sound wave image, this voice signature makes for a very modern and unique piece of art.

This print can be used in lots of ways to make a great gift for almost any occasion. For example, you could use it to send a secret love message that can then be framed on the wall without anyone being able to read it. It makes a particularly great present for someone that loves science, secret codes, music, or just minimal and unique pieces of art. You can even send us a recording of your baby's heart beat - this would look gorgeous on a nursery wall and would make a lovely gift for the new Mum or Dad. It is the perfect gift for Father's Day - get the kids around to say 'We Love You Daddy' in unison. He can then treasure their tiny voices forever, both as an image and a recording.

CUSTOMISING YOUR ARTWORK: There are range of colour options and you can choose to have the sound wave alone or you can add text along the bottom.

SENDING YOUR RECORDING: When your voice recording or video is ready, you can upload it with your order or send it afterwards as an email attachment to quoting your full name and order number in the subject line. Most mobile phones have recording facilities with great microphones. When recording your message you should speak in a loud and clear voice and aim to do this in a quiet place with no background noise. Please listen to your message and make sure you are happy with how it sounds before sending.

ADD EXTRA RECORDINGS: You can add additional recordings to be presented in different colour sound waves within the same print (as shown in the fourth photo).

PROOFING YOUR DIGITAL ARTWORK: You will receive a watermarked digital proof for your order by return email. This will allow you to carefully check and approve the artwork before we send over the final high-resolution PDF. If we need to make any changes we will do so and follow-up with a further proof for you to review. Please note that any sugestions for change will increase the estimated delivery time. If you view the proof and do not like how the sound looks then we can attempt to edit this for you. Alternatively, you can cancel the order then we will issue a refund less an appropriate charge to cover the work already carried out.

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