Metallic Elements Shiny Pencil Set

Shiny metallic pencil set, foil pressed with scientific information about the chemical elements gold, silver and copper.

The perfect little stationery gift for anyone that studies science or chemistry, or is just a bit of a geek. Great for back to school, new job, graduation gift or as a thank you teacher present.

Each metallic pencil shows the symbol for that metal in the periodic table, the atomic number and the electron configuration in electrons per shell.

- AU 79 2 8 18 32 18 1 (gold)

- AG 47 2 8 18 18 1 (silver)

- CU 29 2 8 18 1 (copper)

These five pencils are the traditional hex shape with gold ferrules and pink erasers for a retro look. They have white foil phrases pressed by hand onto the side.

In the Newton and the Apple shop, we also have a range of pencil sets with different phrases on the side, along with a range of science themed notebooks that would go well with the pencils to make a complete gift.

MADE FROM: Five wooden HB hex pencils, metallic coated and white foil pressed with the purposeful phrases. Each pencil has a gold ferrule and pink rubber. These are standard lead pencils so will draw in grey, not colour.

DIMENSIONS: Pencils are 19 cm long and are supplied unsharpened.

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