Geology rocks

Geology rocks

November 02, 2017 1 Comment

I mentioned in the last blog post that we had started a new tradition in our family of buying rocks as presents for my young nephew, Jack. This idea worked brilliantly; he is now super enthusiastic about rocks and it makes present-buying at Christmas pretty easy really (and fun).

His first rock was paired with a big book all about geology so we're sharing that today and we have the junior geologist himself in the studio telling us about his favourite rocks from his growing collection.

DK Rocks & Minerals: The definitive guide

I spent a while researching for the right book that would have enough information to be interesting and educational but also easy enough to digest with loads of good pictures.


It seems to be a good mix of scientific geological information, along with curious facts that keep kids interested, like the historical uses of certain rocks and ancient beliefs about the powers of minerals. 

Geology Collection - Labradorite

Everyone in our family now shops around on ebay trying to find the most interesting rock and Jack sometimes bookmarks pages in his book for the rocks he really wants. We hope this newfound rock love continues so he can keep up the collection and hopefully still appreciate it when he's all grown up.


Four Rocks and Minerals

I asked Jack to pick some of his favourite rocks. Here are his top four and his favourite fact about each. He got all of this information from his 'Rocks & Minerals' book.

A: Amethyst: Jack likes that this rock is a birthstone for February (which happens to be his Mum's birth month). He also really found it interesting that Leonardo Da Vinci said "Amethyst dissipates evil thoughts and quickens the intelligence" so he wants to take this rock to school from now on.

B: Aragonite: Jack's favourite thing about Aragonite is that it comes in different varieties (like long pristmatic, flos-ferri, radiating and cyclic twin) and they each look very different despite being the same mineral.

C: Labradorite: Jack likes the 'Schiller" effect which gives it the bright colours and details when you move it into the light.

D: Petrified wood: Jack loves this one because when it turns from wood to rock it keeps the exact same structure so that you can still see the detail and shape of the original piece of wood. He would love to visit the Petrified Wood Forest in Arizona.

Rock Collection - Purple Amethyst

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October 03, 2018

As a budding crazy aunt gift-buying machine myself, this is a superb idea for my niece and/ or nephew. I really want them to be curious about the world around them and this is perfect for that. Thank you.

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